Feel bored at home? Now you can enjoy DIY leathercrafts at home!

Come join one hour leather workshop hosted by Vancouver-based Aeon Leather studio (@aeonleatherstudio) to make a minimal style leather bookmark and keychain. It will be a great DIY gift for yourself or your family and friends before this Christmas holiday. In this beginner session, you will learn how to sew the leather pieces and dye the leather to either red or brown colour.


You can find the video at MUJI Canada Facebook.

Video link : https://fb.watch/2kUP9rLz-z/


Timeline :

·  Intro [5 mins]
·  Use the leather tools [10 mins]
·  Dye leather with dyeing oil [15 mins]
·  Sew leather [15 mins]
·  Make a bookmark and keychain [10 mins]
·  Q&A [5 mins]


The DIY Kit includes: 

• two beige leather pieces

• one black leather piece

• leather dyeing oil (red or brown)

• dyeing wool ball

• needle

• waxed thread

• keyring

- A type - Red dyeing oil & Silver Keyring

- B type - Tan brown dyeing oil & Gold Keyring



You’ll learn how to:

• Use the leather tools

• Dye leather with dyeing oil

• Sew leather

• Make keychain and bookmark



You’ll need: 

• A small scissor

• A lighter

• A small plate for leather dyeing oil



  • Pickup

4250 Dawson street, Burnbay.

Please book a pickup time before you come.


DIY KIT for ZOOM - Keychain, Bookmarks